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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Quillin put new son, dying uncle before money

The photo, of an older hand grasping a younger one, is amongst Peter Quillin’s most cherished possessions. Peter Quillin’s son Joaquin rests near uncle Eric Munson. (Courtesy of Peter Quillin) And in a way, it explains very simply and precisely what seemed to be an inexplicable decision he made last year to vacate his WBO […]

‘Kid Chocolate’ will walk from home to title fight at Barclays

Peter “Kid Chocolate’’ Quillin is planning to walk to work on April 11. That’s usually not a big deal, unless you are walking to a boxing ring inside the Barclays Center, trying to reclaim your championship belt. Quillin, who has affixed the “Kid Chocolate’’ moniker in honor of former Cuban boxing great and Hall of […]